Author Sketch of Michael Dudley

Author Sketch by Melchior

About the Author:

MICHAEL DUDLEY was born in Toronto, Canada, and reared in Scarborough, Ontario. For 35 years he lived and worked in rural Southwestern Ontario.

His most recent solo collection, JOURNEY ONGOING (Amazon, 2023), is a stylistically and thematically varied collection of travel haiku that includes photos and translations.

In 2022, Michael and Tom Clausen of Ithaca, New York, published INTERCHANGE (Amazon), a collaborative volume of haiku, prose, and photos that was short-listed for a "Touchstone Award for Distinguished Books" from the Haiku Foundation and won the "Borivoj Bukva Award," International Category, presented by the Croatian Literary Society.

Michael regards haiku as an important literary bridge of inclusion that unites people and peoples around the world; he has an especial interest in creative collaborations of many kinds, including compositional co-creation and synergistic performance that harmonizes haiku with other modes of expression and connection.

In March of 2023 he became International Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America.

He is the father of three and lives in "Maple City" Chatham, Ontario.